Blades Of Glory For Printing Industry?


A question mark was deliberately placed at the foot of this article’s heading. It is imprinting on the minds of readers just how long this industry is likely to thrive, never mind last, in light of the fact that the digital alternatives are perceived to be taking over the productive and personal lives of so many consumers. And there you go. Digital printing is being practiced. And technically speaking, no current technology exists to exactly replicate the work that needs to be done by the mass printing press’s doctor blades for flexo printing purposes.

They have not yet invented a digital alternative that can quickly replace all the proverbial nuts and bolts required to allow the huge printing press to run like the well-oiled machine it was originally conceptualized to be. And of course, among the nuts and bolts that need to go securely into the printing press are the doctor blades. It is unique in the sense that it is designed to perform one set of purpose driven tasks.

doctor blades for flexo printing

Whilst in operation, it cannot ever be enforced. The whole industry in a sense could collapse if that were ever to happen. Subsequently, you are going to find that only the highest grade steel will be utilized during the manufacturing of these blades. But as always, there are exceptions to the rules, in which case plastic blades could be used. But again, these blades would also be restricted to specific purposes or tasks.

Industrialists who have had their fingers on the buttons of this industry for howsoever long may, however, be wondering not if but when that day will arrive. Just when will a digital alternative arrive. Because to be quite honest with you, the running of the printing press is extremely expensive.